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Freightliner Glider Kits

Freightliner Glider Kits

Rolling down the road, it’s difficult to spot any differences between a Freightliner Glider and a new Freightliner truck. A Glider kit comes to you as a brand-new, complete assembly that includes the frame, cab, steer axle and wheels, plus a long list of standard equipment. Every Glider also comes with a loose parts box containing up to 160 parts — everything you need to get rolling.


Designed, engineered and assembled alongside new Freightliner trucks, a Glider gives you everything a new truck offers except for two of the three main driveline components (engine, transmission and rear axle). You can either recapitalize any of these from your existing unit, or spec a factory-installed remanufactured engine or new rear axle.


Unlike a used truck, every factory-installed component on a Glider is covered by Freightliner’s New Truck Warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is backed by Freightliner and our dealership is ready to provide you with expert service, unmatched parts availability and total customer support.


Don’t compromise your productivity with a used truck that may not fit your needs. Spec a Freightliner Glider with the exact configuration and equipment you need for your specific operation. Gliders include the latest design enhancements and are available in day cab or sleeper units with a wide range of options — all with unsurpassed Freightliner quality.


If you currently have an older truck with a robust powertrain but need to update the cab or frame, a Freightliner Glider is the perfect solution. Gliders are a smart business decision for making application conversions, standardizing fleet units and repairing a down unit due to wreck or fire.

Get a Brand New Truck for Up to 50% Less!

Now you can take advantage of the technology, safety, comfort and styling of a new Freightliner truck at a surprisingly low price. How? With a new Freightliner Glider Kit. The glider kit is a great option that will give you the benefits you’d expect from a new truck–such as a choice of option packages, advanced engineering and a new truck warranty–but without the cost. We can do this because the Freightliner Glider Kit is a complete assembly of the cab, front axle, wheels and frame, plus all the Freightliner standard equipment we are famous for, including ABS. Just combine the power train components from your current vehicle with a glider kit or opt for a new or remanufactured engine. You’ll be in a brand new vehicle that’s exciting, cost effective, modern and reliable. In fact, the glider kit can save you even more by drastically reducing the time, expense and hassle involved in refurbishing a truck or repairing a wrecked vehicle. In most cases, the cost is only 50-60 percent of that of a new truck, including assembly. And with our SpecPro software, specifying the best is even faster and more economical.

A Better Bottom Line is Built Right In

Because today’s truck components are built to last, keeping them on the road with a glider makes better sense than ever. Whether you’re an individual operator updating an older vehicle, a business owner needing to make an application conversion, or the manager of a large operation looking to standardize your fleet, the Freightliner Glider Kit is a smart business move. Here are just a few reasons why:

Set Up in Style

Best of all, with the savings you enjoy by using a Freightliner Glider Kit, you can afford a lot more features and options than you might have thought. Freightliner is known for its complete family of great-looking, hard-working trucks–from the local delivery business class to the luxury overthe-road sleepers. Freightliner Glider Kits are available as day cabs, or can be equipped with optional flat, mid or raised roof integral sleeper units–all with a wide array of interior choices and driver-friendly options. Just select the Freightliner Glider Kit that suits your needs.

Now is your chance to update your truck in style. Whatever your personal tastes or application, we can spec the truck you’ve always wanted, from paint to upholstery, in order to create completely customized kits.

Save Hours of Assembly Time

Freightliner offers one of the most complete glider kits on the market. Thanks to the loose parts box that we supply with each kit, you can be sure you have the parts you need for your specific truck.

Kit contents are important when you’re comparing gliders. Don’t be misled by the unassembled prices of other kits–many of their included parts may require add-on components that you need to gather yourself. By the time you obtain and install these omitted items, your assembled cost can be far greater than the initial price. With a Freightliner Glider Kit, a great deal of the work is already taken care of for you. Our loose parts box contains such major pieces as an A/C compressor with clutch, complete shift control mechanism, and all chassis air brake valves. The result: you’ll need fewer additional parts, and you’ll save hours in assembly.

Easy As 1-2-3

There’s no mystery about our kit prices. And because the kits are so complete, there’s no mystery in assembling them, either. The FLD Glider Kit includes our Technical Instruction and Assembly Manual featuring the latest technical data and is specially engineered to make assembly a snap. Other models, such as the Columbia, Century, and Business Class, will feature a Technical Instruction and Assembly Manual on computer disc as they become available. These tools will allow you to get back on the road earning revenue again in record time, and running better and safer while doing it.

Your Engine or Ours

Have us install a MBE 900 in a M2, or a MBE 4000, a Cummins ReCon,® Detroit Diesel Reliabilt® or Caterpillar® Reman engine at the Freightliner factory, and you’ll save installation time and the costs of an engine overhaul. Plus, a wide range of economical, fully warranted remanufactured parts are available separately right here. Now, that’s the way to make your savings add up.

Freightliner Glider Kit Financing

Daimler Truck Financing (DTF) is pleased to offer glider financing, at or near new truck rates, depending on content. In many cases well documented value of donor vehicle components may be applied to the down payment. Call our finance department for more details.

Ready. Set. Go.

You can start enjoying the benefits of a glider conversion practically right away. Even if you want your Freightliner Glider Kit custom spec’d and engineered, it can be delivered with minimal lead-times. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the exact glider kit you need, and the type of financing that best fits your particular requirements.

Replacement Cabs

If a complete glider kit is more than your current needs require, replacement cabs are also offered in various levels. The most basic being a Skeleton Cab, which consists of sheet metal, doors, and glass. Next, we have a Service Cab. This is a Skeleton Cab along with the base model standard cab wiring, dash, and gauges with engine-specific wiring. Finally, we offer a com- pletely trimmed Per Serial Cab. This level of cab is built as close as possible to your original vehicle’s specification. We also have completely trimmed hoods, which are painted and come complete with grille, headlights and bezels. Available for individual purchase or in combination with a cab, these hoods are made for you to simply bolt on and go. With all these options, we have just what you need to make repairs and get back on the road.

More Information

For more information about Freightliner Glider Kits download or print one of the brochures below.

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