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The Freightliner 114SD Natural Gas

The Freightliner Lineup

The 114SD natural gas trucks feature factory installed and warranty-covered natural gas engines, fuel tanks and related components, including a standard methane detection system. Freightliner’s factory-installed CNG tanks are Type IV fiberglass/carbon with a full wrap plastic liner and an expected life span of 20 years. CNG tanks featured on Freightliner products meet or exceed all applicable safety standards. In the rare occurrence of a CNG tank puncture, the fuel will simply vent into the atmosphere, rather than pool on the ground.

Switching to natural gas can translate to significant fuel cost savings. Compared with diesel, the cost of natural gas generally remains low and stable, and government tax credits may be available to reduce acquisition costs. Be sure to check with your local dealer to see what incentives are available in your area.

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1450 LB-FT


  • 114" BBC day cab
  • Steel-reinforced aluminum cab
  • Set-forward front axle
  • Strong fiberglass hood
  • Radiator-mounted molded-in color front grille with signature styling
  • Halogen composite headlights
  • Air rear cab mounts
  • Front axle rated at 12,000 lbs.
  • Rear axle rated at 40,000 lbs.
  • 75-DGE CNG tanks mounted back-of-cab
  • Allison 3000 RDS automatic transmission


The Freightliner 114SD natural gas trucks are designed to help you increase productivity while decreasing environmental impact. Freightliner 114SD trucks are proven performers in a broad range of vocational applications, including utility, construction, refuse and municipal.

The trucks can be spec’d to use compressed natural gas (CNG), the most common fuel among vocational natural gas customers, because it does not vent into the atmosphere when the truck is non-operational over extended periods of time.

By choosing Freightliner natural-gas-powered products, you’re doing your part to help the environment. With nearzero emissions, natural gas vehicles are cleaner than their diesel counterparts. The Cummins® Westport L9N engine, for example, is capable of operating on 100% Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), recycled methane naturally produced from composting or landfills.