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The Freightliner Cascadia®

The Freightliner Lineup

With exceptional fuel efficiency, ultimate driver comfort and a best-in-class safety system that mitigates collisions and minimizes downtime, the Freightliner® Cascadia® is built for a world that demands smarter fleets.

Built with cutting-edge truck technology, the Cascadia delivers superior fuel economy. From its aerodynamic design and fuel-saving Detroit® powertrain to its uptime-boosting telematics, it sets the industry standard for business efficiency.

For drivers, the Cascadia offers a comfortable interior, plus a range of automated safety features that protect them and other vehicles on the road. With the Cascadia, you get the industry's leading over-the-road truck that benefits your bottom line.

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UP TO 2050 LB-FT

Detroit Integration. Maximum Efficiency

The IDP integrates the most fuel-efficient DD13® and DD15® engines ever built with Detroit® DT12® transmissions and axles for optimal, efficient performance. The IDP provides:

  • More torque at lower RPMs, which keeps the Cascadia in top gear longer and cruising at a more efficient engine speed
  • Intelligent Powertrain Management (IPM): Predictive technology that uses GPS terrain maps to reduce fuel consumption in a Cascadia with the Detroit DT12 transmission
  • An innovative Axle Lubrication Management 2.0 (ALM2) system that regulates oil levels to reduce friction, extend gear life and improve fuel efficiency

On-Highway Applications

The Cascadia: From day cabs to mid-roof and raised-roof sleepers, Freightliner has the right on-highway truck to fit your business needs.

Bulk Haul

In an application where every pound matters, the Freightliner Cascadia 116” BBC day cab with the Cummins X12™ engine and the Eaton Cummins Endurant™ Transmission is the perfect solution to help your bottom line. When paired with the Endurant Transmission, the X12 is the lightest powertrain option available for the Class 8 on-highway market. You’ll get industry-leading power to weight, the longest DPF maintenance interval in its class and a transmission with a 750,000-mile oil change interval.

Temperature Controlled / Reefer

Ideal for temperature-controlled loads, the Freightliner Cascadia® bring the coolest technology to the coldest of loads. Equipped with advanced aerodynamic enhancements and the latest engine technologies, they’re designed for impressive fuel economy—even when hauling refrigerated trailers. Whether you’re hauling food, flowers or pharmaceuticals, uptime is the key to protecting sensitive cargo. With fewer parts, easily accessible with enhanced serviceability, Freightliner® trucks are engineered to be easily maintained for increased uptime.

Regional Distribution

Designed for regional hauling and built for the long haul, Freightliner® regional-distribution trucks combine aerodynamic designs, weight-saving materials and the latest in engine technology for maximum fuel efficiency and payload capacity. With the addition of an up-to-50-degree wheel cut for excellent maneuverability, the Freightliner Cascadia® and Cascadia Evolution® are built to keep always-in-demand regional haulers on the road.


Equipped with advanced aerodynamic enhancements and the latest drivetrain technologies—including the optional Detroit® DT12® automated manual transmission—Freightliners are designed for fuel-sipping efficiency. With more customers focused on cost-per-mile, our extensive service network, reduced maintenance intervals and overall long-term durability lowers Real Cost of Ownership for every customer. That’s why the Freightliner Cascadia® and M2 112 are smart choices for truckload and less-than-truckload haulers, and that’s what we call running smart.

Smart Protection On The Road

You count on drivers to deliver. And drivers count on you to provide them with the safest possible semi trucks for the job. That's why the Cascadia comes standard with the latest automated safety features and collision mitigation technology: the Detroit Assurance® with ABA 5 Suite of Safety Systems.

Active Lane Assist

Optional features like Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Protection and Lane Keep Assist with Auto Stop help drivers stay safe and in the correct lane.

Active Side Guard Assist

This industry-first technology engages at less than 12 mph to prevent a truck from making a right turn into a moving cyclist or pedestrian.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Available on Cascadia trucks with Detroit DT12 transmissions, this feature auto-adjusts cruising speed to maintain a safe following distance on the road.

Active Brake Assist 5

Mitigate potential collisions with stationary and traveling vehicles as well as moving pedestrians via automatic warnings and partial or full braking.