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The Freightliner eM2

The Freightliner Lineup

The Freightliner® eM2 brings electric innovation to the #1 best-selling medium-duty truck, the M2. Flexible enough to support on-highway and vocational applications, the eM2 is purpose-built to meet the demands of your business – and the evolving landscape of sustainability requirements.

As a leader in electric, Freightliner can help you transition to the world of zero emissions in a way that works best for you. Detroit® eConsultants are ready to help you understand and navigate electric truck rebates, infrastructure, route planning and more.

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26,000-33,000 LBS


180 or 250 MILES

Engineered to Get the Job Done

From the dash to the instrument cluster, the eCascadia is designed to enhance driver comfort and maximize safety. Interior features include:

  • Excellent Maneuverability: With up to 55 degrees of wheel cut and a swept-back bumper, the eM2 easily navigates neighborhoods and narrow city streets.
  • Space-Efficient Design: The eM2 minimizes battery footprint beneath the cab and prioritizes frame rail space for easy upfit.
  • Platform for innovation: Freightliner continues to work with fleets with the goal of creating additional options for wheel base, battery capacity and ePTOs for the eM2.


The innovation of Detroit’s legendary line of powertrains lives on. Introducing the 100% electric Detroit® ePowertrain™: purpose-built and seamlessly integrated for power, efficiency, reliability – and zero emissions. At Detroit, we push the limits of productivity and sustainability every day, and we’re ready to provide the expertise and support you need to do the same.

Lose the emissions – and gain so much more. The Detroit ePowertrain’s electric axle provides maximum torque to get loads moving as well as quick, smooth acceleration on the road. Get ready for an all-electric workhorse that drives efficiency and compromises nothing.

The Detroit electric powertrain has Detroit® eAxles and batteries that work together efficiently – and seamlessly integrate with our industry-leading connectivity and safety systems. It all adds up to a smart, all-Detroit solution that provides ultimate performance, maximum efficiency and lower costs for electric powered trucks.

Comfort That's Built for Work

With a cab similar to the M2 106 Plus, the eM2 offers a driving experience that's safe, comfortable and intuitive for rental customers and delivery drivers alike. Interior features include:

  • Quick, smooth acceleration for an easy driving experience.
  • Quiet operation that reduces driver fatigue.
  • A modern, two-screen digital dash that comes standard on the eM2.
  • Ergonomic seats for precision, adjustability and exceptional comfort.
  • A standard tilt and telescoping steering wheel with multi-function controls for easier operation.
  • Fully customizable, LED-backlit switches that ease truck operation and help drivers in low-light situations.

All-Electric Meets Ultimate Safety

The eM2 comes standard with the most innovative safety technology available for medium-duty trucks: the Detroit Assurance® Suite of Safety Systems. And with a steel-reinforced aluminum cab for increased strength, a 2,500-square-inch windshield for greater visibility and battery side-impact protection, the eM2 brings supreme safety to the world of electric.

Detroit eFill

Whether you’re simply curious about EV fleets or you’ve already started exploring the possibilities, you might be wondering: “How fast is EV charging?” or “How complex would the transition really be?” With Detroit eFill on your side, the answers are a little clearer. Here are three ways that our charging technology can make EV fleets easier to deploy and run. It’s easy to assume that EV charging, and all the new technology that comes with it, would be complex to manage. However, it is precisely this Detroit eFill technology that helps keep your entire solution simple.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

The world of electric trucks – and our understanding of it – has evolved. Let’s take a look at what’s changed over the last few years, and how the right partner can help you stay on the cutting edge of efficiency and productivity. Compared to a few years ago, there is a much greater understanding of electric semi trucks and the infrastructure that powers them. But with so many variables involved in going electric, there are still plenty of questions and challenges to overcome.